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Quantifying Inference: Part 3

Improving Promotion Decisions: Part 2

The first blog of this series addressed the use of inference when promoting people across job families—when critical components of the new, higher level job have little content overlap with the content of previous jobs. I identified the use of inference in this situation as problematic. However, since we cannot look into the future to develop explicit knowledge about performance in a job that exists in a different job family, we are dependent upon some level of inference-based decision-making process. Our challenge is to use one that results in inferential “hops” instead of “leaps.” Think about this as the “hop—leap” continuum.

Improving Promotion Decisions: Part 1

Finally the economy is growing! Companies are expanding! Many individual contributors will be promoted into first-level management jobs. These are not easy decisions to make. However, there is no better time to make promotion decisions which will positively impact your company’s future for years to come.
Or not.
Join me for a brief research-based review of how to make promotion decisions now that make the most of this incredible opportunity. This is not a time to make mistakes!

Managing Motivation: Part 3

You can't motivate people -or can you?

Joe Thoresen discusses the importance of 'Job Fit' in Part 3 of 
Managing Motivation.

Managing Motivation: Part 2

You can't motivate people -or can you?

Joe Thoresen continues with Part 2 of Managing Motivation in his 
Leadership Development Insight Series.

Managing Motivation: Part 1

You can't motivate people -or can you?

Introducing our new blog, Leadership Development Insights, by our founder, Joe Thoresen. Learn more in his new multi-part series, Managing Motivation.

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