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The most effective talent development process prepares employees for the basic elements of a new and different job before they assume those roles. Our task-based assessment centers (TBACs) are achievement measures that can be likened to BAR exams given to new law school graduates.

Simulates Actual Job Functions

Based on Exercise Effect Research

Naturally Developmental

Participants in our program engage in focused training and/or development activities to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary in key job functions. When Cornerstone graduates are promoted, they land on their feet making the transition much smoother for both the employee and the organization.

We have successfully developed and facilitated programs for first-level and senior-level management, as well as other roles in the areas of sales, marketing and manufacturing.

Measure Readiness – Not Potential

Appropriate for Internal Decision Making

Skills-Based Developmental Planning

Performance-Based Readiness Evaluations

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