Our Approach



Cornerstone’s nomination tools help you identify the right people to place into your leadership development program. Our trademarked interviewing system helps you evaluate candidate potential by reducing personal bias and increasing objectivity.



Cornerstone’s Realistic Job Preview allows the candidate to explore a new and different role risk-free. This two-day interactive workshop helps identify strengths and areas for growth through self-assessment. As a result, every candidate leaves with a customized development plan.



During this step, the candidate will begin implementing their Personal Development Plan at home with the guidance of a coach or mentor. The objective is to practice and apply what they learned at the workshop and sharpen their skills.



Once the candidate reaches the top step, it’s time to evaluate how well they have converted their potential into actual skills. Using a battery of customized simulations, candidates are evaluated to determine whether they are Ready Day One or if additional development is needed.

Advantages of Cornerstone’s Innovative Leadership Development Programs


 Simulates Actual Job Functions
 Based on Exercise Effect Research
 Naturally Developmental


 Measure Readiness – Not Potential
 Appropriate for Internal Decision Making
 Provide Skills-Based Developmental Planning
 Generate Performance-Based Competency Evaluations

The most effective talent developmental process prepares employees for the basic elements of a new and different job before they assume those roles. Our task-based assessment centers (TBACs) are achievement measures that can be likened to BAR exams given to new law school graduates.

Participants of our program engage in focused training and/or development activities to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary in key job functions. When Cornerstone graduates are promoted, they land on their feet making the transition much smoother for both the employee and the organization.

We have successfully developed and facilitated programs for first-level and senior-level management, as well as other roles for Sales, Managed Markets, Marketing, and Medical Affairs.