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Are Your
Future Leaders Prepared?

Cornerstone Management Resource Systems designs and implements experiential leadership development programs that help current and future leaders build and strengthen their management skills. We specialize in Leadership Development, Management Development, Talent Assessment, and Talent Management.

Our innovative process identifies talented individuals, offers a realistic job preview, provides skills-based developmental planning and measures readiness to lead in new and different jobs. We put the learning curve before the promotion.

Measuring readiness, not just potential.


Reduce the Learning Curve

Leaders who are prepared for a new job before they even get there will be much more efficient and effective from the very first day. The need for on-the-job training is virtually eliminated.


Increase Employee Retention

People are more inclined to stay with their current employer when an established career path is in place. This saves your organization the significant time and expense required to recruit, hire and train new employees.


Attract Top Talent

With a solid development process in place, your company becomes more attractive to the best and brightest who want to become part of an organization that values employee development and provides exciting opportunities to excel.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Effective leaders strengthen your organization and ultimately save valuable resources, placing your company in a better position in today’s competitive market.

The Cornerstone Experience

Cornerstone partners with your organization to transition talented individual contributors into leadership roles. The fundamental principle behind Cornerstone’s approach is to enable candidates to demonstrate effective leadership performance before they are promoted. Our process for identification, development, and selection helps ensure your frontline leaders are Ready Day One. Cornerstone's industrial/organizational psychologists have developed a research-based process that uses simulations of the target job. We measure readiness, not just potential.

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